Please note that GST-Impress is part of our growing 'experimental' division, support for this theme will be available - but will be limited to operational bug fixes. Styling development support will not be available.


GST Impress is our latest dive into the skunkworks here at GetSimpleThemes. Reinventing the way we use GetSimpleCMS, simply put - redefining CMS.

GST-Impress is based upon the fantastic work by Bartaz with the plugin Impress.js. GST-Impress allows GetSimpleCMS users to quickly and easily create fantastic presentations with total flexibility.

Some of the theme’s features include:

  • Complete customisation of slides position (X,Y,Z axis position and rotation).
  • Able to scale pages inherently using page option.
  • Theme includes the usage of 'variables' enabling page positioning to be inter-related.